Esther’s Closet Exchange 4th Edition – 1st December 2013

Do you love shopping and fashion or do you simply have a bunch of clothes you’d want to donate to charity? Well look no further because this is the place for you….E S T H E R S’ C L O S E T  E X C H A N G E

So this is how it works. We’ll be doing a 6 item exchange and What this means is that everyone attending needs to hand in at least 6 items of clothing. Clothes that you have but never wear or don’t like (no t-shirts please) b…ecause I believe that one mans trash is another mans treasure.
I will then set these clothes up in my house and on the day of the exchange you come and pick 6 of whatever you like. If you find less things thats also okay because Whatever is left will be donated to a charity.

A participating fee of N$60 needs to be paid on the 1st of December but if you hand in your clothes before the 1st you only pay N$40

Date – 1st December 2013

Location – 5 perlhuhn street hochland park Windhoek

Esther's Closet Exchange 4th Edition

Esther’s Closet Exchange 4th Edition

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