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Safaris in Namibia

The word “safari” comes from the Swahili meaning “long journey”. The explorer, Sir Richard Burton was said to be the first person to introduce it to the English Language.   In the past, a safari would refer to the hunting of large game – today however, it usually refers to an overland trip that you can do in Africa to view and photograph game or to hike and sightsee.

Safaris are popular because they allow a tourist to travel over vast distances and see all that a country, like Namibia has to offer

Safaris in Namibia included both self-drive and guided packages.  On a self-drive safari, you can hire a vehicle and explore the country at your own pace.  Guided safaris are very popular because you have guides who have intimate knowledge of the country and its’ customs.  On a guided safari, you travel with guides, staff and equipment from site to site, staying in permanent lodges or tented camps. One of the best safari destinations in Africa has to be Namibia.

Namibia is a unique safari destination because a holiday here offers tourists such a diverse experience. In one holiday, tourists may experience top cuisine in five star hotels in Windhoek and also view endangered wildlife in the famous Etosha National Park.  A visit to Sossusvlei, a salt and clay pan located in the Namib Desert is also highly recommended.  Surrounded by some of the highest sand dunes in the world, it is a very popular location for sand-boarding. 

Sun-seekers can sunbathe on the cosmopolitan beaches of Swakopmund, which is in stark contrast to the desolate beaches of the Skeleton coast where the desert meets the ocean. Tourists can visit Herero communities and observe their fascinating dress and customs or view rock art in Damaraland. For hiking enthusiasts, the Fish River Canyon in the south of Namibia, offers one of the most popular hiking trails in Southern Africa. 

A safari in Namibia is highly recommended for a unique and diverse holiday experience.


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